The International Students Desk

The International Students Desk

31 octobre 2016 • 18:31

PSL has set up a group of international tutors in order to welcome international students from all PSL institutions and organize events for them and for all PSL students !

This team aims to take care of:

  • Incoming student mobility (by receiving application files, participating in the attribution of university housing, transfering the files to the proper services, writing and sending the admission confirmation and housing notifications, etc...);
  • Helping international students from PSL institutions with their administrative paperwork (being in contact with the CIUP and the SAEE to help with this);
  • Welcoming the international students (explaining how the payment of the public transports works, giving them useful advice about libraries or any other interesting places for students in Paris…)

They are available from Monday to Friday (9h30 to 17h) at 62 bis rue Gay Lussac, where a daily welcome desk is available for these students.

Fitness/recreational and cultural activities will also be organized throughout the year for these students but also for all the students of PSL institutions, such as running in Paris, not-to-be-missed tours of Parisian landmarks, as well as tours of PSL institutions.

In order to gather international and French students, “Speak all colors” nights will be organized every Wednesday. During those events, students will be able to exchange in different languages – depending on what they speak – in order to improve their skills in those languages, but also to discover new cultures! Parties will also be organized for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas…

Follow this facebook page to stay informed !