En quoi consiste le projet du club Thesisbudy?

Ph.D. students seem to be well experienced in the academic world, but in reality, they got lost easily (academically and mentally). After talking with friends in the same situation, I think it would be interesting and necessary to build a network to get Ph.Ds in touched. In reality or only on internet, people can join different groups according to their research subject. The goal is to build an academic network, share experiences and feel accompanied during their study.

PSL have a large number of Ph.D. students, including foreign students. Building a social network for them is necessary.

Où en sommes-nous?
I have general ideas and need technical support, especially for internet developping.

Profils recherchés

About 3 people

Nous recherchons notamment :
– someone for admistration
– internet developer

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Yuan Li :